Haagsche Suites would like to thank:
Marit, idea; Family, backing; Janneke and Peter of »Just 2 Suites, formerly of »Spaarne 8, concept; Luud Wassenaar, architect; »Martin de Boer (picture with Irene) and Gerda Rietveld, interior decorators; Walther van Ekkendonk and Anne van den Heuvel of »Studio Anneville, decorative paintwork; »Niek Roos, conservatories; »Dick Beijer, garden design; Studio Bas van der Heide, art- and printwork; Willem Vos of »Weekendhotel, initial webdesign; and, off course, all our distinguished guests who have stayed with us already.
As we ceased operation We've no address anymore. tel contact:+31 653 29 32 80