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In case you lose directions, you can always call us at +31 70 364 78 79.

Public transport is easy with trams (streetcars) line 17 and line 3 stopping 50 meters and line 11 stopping 150 meters from our place.

By car:

Coming from Amsterdam (including Amsterdam Schiphol Airport) one takes motorway A 4 (the motorway from Amsterdam to Den Haag) first, and then take the exit right onto the A12 (the motorway from Utrecht to Den Haag).

Coming from Utrecht one takes motorway A 12 only.

Coming from Rotterdam one takes motorway A 13 then after having passed Delft right onto the A4 (follow direction Amsterdam) and then take the next exit onto the A 12 (direction Voorburg and Den haag centrum) into Den Haag.

In all cases one should drive into The Hague over the last part of the A 12 motorway from Utrecht to The Hague which ends near the centre of The Hague with the Maliebaan (a huge parade field) at your left hand . The last part of the motorway is called Boslaan.

At the end of the A 12/Boslaan take the left lane and turn left onto the Zuid-Hollandlaan at the traffic lights.

Keep the right 2 lanes on the Zuid-Hollandlaan and at the traffic lights turn right onto the Koningskade.

Keep the right lane at Koningskade and follow this road of which the name changes into Raamweg after the next intersection.

After this intersection keep left on the Raamweg and turn left onto the Carel Van Bylandtlaan /Laan Copes van Cattenburgh at the traffic lights.

Be especially aware of a 50 km/hr speed control camera here.

Follow Laan Copes Van Cattenburg which name changes into Burgemeester Patijnlaan and after an intersection with traffic lights into Carnegielaan. You drive here with a slow left turn around the Vredespaleis (=Peace Palace, keep the palace at your left).

Keep left until the Carnegielaan ends taking the most left lane and then turning right onto the Laan van Meerdervoort.*)See note below

After passing a left T crossing, and 50 meters after the next full intersection with traffic lights one finds Haagsche Suites at the right side of the Laan Vaan Meerdervoort. Please be aware we have no signd whatsoever on our front as we like to maintain the privacy of our distinguished guests.

At the right side of the road parking is free, but space usually hard to find. If you stop shortly and ring our bell, I will drive with you to our private parking at the back of the hotel.

--- *) Note:
If, by accident, at the end of the Carnegielaan you turned right onto the Groot Hertoginnelaan in stead of the Laan Van Meerdervoort , you don't have to make a U turn.

You simply follow the Groot Hertoginnelaan and keep the left lane till the full intersection with traffic lights and turn left there onto the Koningin Emmakade (the opposite of the Waldeck Pyrmontkade with a small canal in between).

You follow the Koningin Emmakade until the next traffic lights (wich is the intersection with the Laan Van Meerdervoort) you turn right and find us after 50 meter on your right side.

I look forward meeting you!

Guido J. van den Elshout, Haagsche Suites, laan Van Meerdervoort 155, The Hague, +31 70 364 78 79