At breakfast yesterday morning, just before Guido and Irene waved us on our way back to Schiphol, Guido asked us what he could be doing to improve on his already wonderful offering. I was a bit stumped by the question because I couldn’t think of an answer.  I said I would email him when I had come up with something… but right now I’m still thinking. Paul Johnson, in »A Luxury Travel Blog (UK, August 2, 2006)

It is a full five star experience in facilities and the care with which the B &B experience is fostered... In design and style there are lessons here, but the lessons of service have been learned and applied to create a small scale suite hotel that stands comparison favourably with many a more famous an establishment...
Patrick Goff, in »Monthly review (UK, December, 2005)

Like the service, the interior takes you back to another time...
Patrick Goff, in »Back to the Future (UK, November, 2005)

Sybarites should aim for the gorgeous Haagsche Suites.
Sean Newsom in The Best of 2005, Sunday Times (UK, June 16, 2005). »more

The place the lap of luxury dreams of being when it grows up..
Andrew Mueller, in »Travel Intelligence, (UK, June, 2005)

For the VIPs out there, the place to hobnob with heads of state paying low-key visits is the Haagsche Suites...
Dutch Discoverer (UK-NL, November, 2004)

One of our distinguished guests commented (USA, September, 2004) : »Stunning days in The Hague.

My memory of Haagsche (pronounced HAHG-shuh) Suites is precious. ..
Sophy Roberts in A Hotel of One's Own in Departures (USA, July - August 2004).

Haagsche Suites must be the most luxurious B&B in Europe...
Sean Newsom in City Breaks,Sunday Times (UK, January 18, 2004).

We could use numerous superlatives here, but you should experience Haagsche Suites for yourself...
Monique Geertsen in the book Stijlvolle Romantische Hotels in the Nederlands and in Belgium (second edition, Belgium, EPN, Lannoo, Terra, March 2003).

He compares 5 very luxurious, expensively decorated hotels that offer a lot of privacy and personal attention: "Although they are expensive, they are almost always cheaper than similar accomodation in traditional big hotels. Take for instance Haagsche Suites: €425,- per suite per night (all inclusivel)...In order to get something similar in size in Hotel des Indes, one has to take two small adjacent suites at a cost of €700,- exclusive of breakfast and drinks..."
Ivo Weyel
in AD Magazine (The Netherlands, February 1, 2003).

Sleeping fully dressed up
Rooms with King size beds and matrasses that invoke a sense of homesickness when one has left the premises... Breakfast served in Haagsche Suites is unsurpassed..."
Ivo van Regteren Altena in Qtravel in Quote (The Netherlands, January 31, 2003).

On the third floor one finds a symmetrically decorated wall with portraits of nineteenth century university professors and a living room with a 'chaise bateau'. The bed is darkbrown with linen from 'Strelli'... But I liked Suite 1 most with the blossoming Japanese cherry painted by Walther van Ekkendonk, who so brought spring inside...
Pierre Darge
in Weekend Knack (Belgium, January 29, 2003).

Thou Shalt Enjoy Thyself!
A filmset? No, just staying in a unique hotel in The Hague: King size bed, lying sky high, king size cushions, soft blankets, warm duvets. I do enjoy myself. Beautiful covers, draped over the painted old wooden floor, a softly cushioned headboard. A bed to live in....Mad-de-ning!...
Maarten Noppen in Algemeen Dagblad (The Netherlands, January 4, 2003).

My Suite is my Castle.
Thou Shalt Enjoy Thyself! is written near the entrance. We rather would like to experience this ourselves than being so commanded...We feel like we have entered 'The World of Interiors'. We hardly dare to take our seats in the lounge...but the warm welcome of host and hostess makes us feel at home quickly.... When we left we had to admit that the commandment is very true to the experience...
Petra Vethman
in Elegance Stays in Hotels, Elegance (The Netherlands, January 2003).

Baroque meets High Tech.
Very modern techniques are hidden behind the warm and comfortably decorated interior. Hot water comes from sun collectors, heath from a central heating system behind adobe walls....What is more fun than taking a bath with a glass of champagne? Decadent? No, very enjoyable!...
Bert van Elsacker in Design Hotels, Feeling nr 12 (Belgium, December 2002).

What is it? A Hotel? No, too small. A formal accommodation? Maybe, but breakfast is served on the huge private dinner table of host and hostess. The answer is: This top level guesthouse is something between a luxurious private studio you'll love to occupy immediately and a unique Bed and Breakfast. Thus honouring it's original name Haagsche Suites (i.e. Suites of The Hague)...
Amber Albarda in Splendid Hotels, Miljonair no 7 (The Netherlands, December 2002).

Astonishing The Hague.
There are few hotel rooms in The Netherlands that can match beauty, luxury and comfort of the suites of Haagsche Suites...
Marian de Schipper in Outdoors, Residence no 12 (The Netherlands, December 2002).

Luxurious? Rather sumptuous...
Ivo Weyel
in Hotspots, Elsevier no 45 (The Netherlands, November 9 2002).

The Hague added a new pearl to its crown..
Patrick Retour in the book Stijlvol Wonen (Belgium, EPN, Lannoo, Terra,October 2002).

The biggest surprise is the quiet designer citygarden with a row of 3 modern ponds, 50 yards deep...
Elly Brik
in the handy weekendhotel guide 52 Weekenden (The Netherlands, july 2002).